Lessons from the NSW election

Saturday, March 28 saw Premier Mike Baird lead the Coalition to a second term of government, despite the Labor Party under Luke Foley enjoying a large swing.

Professor John Warhurst from the Australian National University has a special interest in religion and politics as well as in elections and political parties. In this interview he explains some of the key issues in the election, discusses the leadership styles and the faith of Baird and Foley, and considers whether there's a change in the tone of political discourse.

Listen to the interview in full or in three separate parts.

How to bring your faith to the election

Christians are diverse in their political views, and in the issues they emphasising in the lead-up to the NSW election.

Murray Norman explains why he's passionate about chaplaincy and religious education, and why he is endorsing the Christian Democratic Party at the election.

Click here to view Mr Norman's video.

Click here to read the Life Marriage & Family Centre's election guide.

Click here to see ACL's election questionnaire, which includes responses to 18 questions from both the major parties, as well as the Christian Democratic Party and the Outdoor Recreation Party.

How to address housing affordability in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Housing affordability is a widespread problem.

The Sydney Alliance is one organisation trying to raise housing affordability as an important political issue. Sydney Alliance's lead community organiser David Barrow talks about their campaign in this interview.


Counting down to the NSW election

With the NSW election coming up on March 28, ACL has started hosting its Meet Your Candidate Forums throughout the state, and published its election questionnaire with answers from four of the parties, including the Coalition and Labor.

Mark Makowiecki talks about the engagement between the candidates and the community, and highlights some of the key issues of the election.


What motivates Mike Baird and Luke Foley?

Last week ACL hosted its Make It Count event at the Village Church in Annandale. Premier Mike Baird and Labor leader Luke Foley addressed a crowd of several hundred people, explaining the importance of their faiths and how it motivates them in public life.

ACL NSW Director Mark Makowiecki talks about the event further in Part 1 of this week's Political Spot.

Parts 2 and 3 contain some highlights from the speeches by Mr Baird and Mr Foley.

Click here to view video from the entire evening, including the question and answer sessions with the two leaders.


Baird and Foley address NSW Christian Community


The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed addresses by NSW Premier Mike Baird and Opposition Leader Luke Foley to the state’s Christian community in the lead up to this month’s state election.

The leaders addressed 400 Christian voters and senior church and charity leaders at ACL’s Make it Count election forum held at the Village Church Annandale.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the evening was an important opportunity for people to better understand the character and values each leader would bring to government.


“We’re grateful for both leaders’ willingness to engage with the state’s Christian constituency and to be open about how their faith informs their approach to public policy,” Mr Shelton said.

“It was great to see both leaders state that there is an important place for faith in public life and both recognize the role Christianity has had in shaping our society.”

What's kept Fred Nile going for 34 years?

Rev Fred Nile was first elected to the NSW Upper House in 1981. In March he will again stand for election for the Christian Democratic Party.

In this interview, Rev Nile talks about the key issues at the election, and reflects on his own 34 years as a Christian voice in the NSW Parliament.

The interview is in two parts.

Happy New Year, It’s going to be a big one

Happy New Year to all our supporters. I trust you too have enjoyed Christmas with family and friends.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our appeal to build our ‘fighting fund’. You have been very generous and this has set us up well as we kick off 2015. Thank you!

Through the generosity of our supporters and friends, we are able to work together to be an effective voice for values in our nation.

Qld and NSW Elections

Already we have hit the ground running with an election in Queensland. State Director Wendy Francis kicks off Meet Your Candidate Forums Tuesday in the Brisbane electorate of Lytton.

With an election due in NSW at the end of March, our new NSW Director Mark Makowiecki is also putting things in place for our campaign there.

It is so important that the Christian constituency plays its part in democracy and there is no more important time than elections for this.

The fight for freedom

The December-January period has been marred by the tragedy of Islamist terror in Australia, France and Nigeria.

I was privileged to have a piece published in The Australian highlighting the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities at the hands of Islamic governments who will also kill and imprison people for blasphemy.

Freedom of religion, speech and conscience is precious and we must continue to speak up for it wherever it is threatened.

Preserving marriage

2015 is going to be an important year for the future of marriage in Australia.

By God’s grace and through your support, we have been able to successfully maintain the natural, timeless and sustainable definition of marriage here in Australia.

We will continue to be vigilant for marriage and the human rights of children to their biological mother and father throughout 2015.

Training future leaders

Next week 16 young people from around the nation will join us here in Canberra for our second annual ‘Gap Week’.

This program gives future leaders a taste of history, politics and influencing public policy from the perspective of a Christian theology of engagement.

Please pray

As you can see, we are off to a busy start to 2015.

With so many important challenges and opportunities facing us, I hope you will continue to partner with us in prayer as together, we continue as a voice for values in our nation.